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  Oblique is currently running Pixelmon 5.1.1, with Forge 2185 - Minecraft 1.10.2. Optifine is recommended.

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Megas Are Indeed Overrated

Rasgnarok Owner posted Jun 14, 17

We've updated to Pixelmon 5.1.1! With it does come a few bugs, so do keep an eye out for any odd behaviour. If you do find anything, contact us in #support on our Discord. One of these is that upon your Pokémon mega-evolving, its IVs and EVs get reverted to 0... which is pretty nasty if you ask me. We have a hotfix out, that will simply stop your Pokémon from mega-evolving (couldn't do much more, but that's a far better alternative than trashing your mon imo). Once a new version is out with a proper fix, we will update to that.

With this update comes a few additions, such as Bidoof, and Buizel. Check the changelog here.

We took the time to also use this moment to update to an upgraded host, which should make everything run much much smoother now. The IP has not changed, you can still use play.obliquemc.net. With this, will come slowly but surely, a lot more development to Oblique - so stay tuned.

Merry Pixelmon Update,


Couple o' Updates

Rasgnarok Owner posted May 24, 17

Righto so, as you've probably noticed, we have been doing some heavy maintenance for the past few days. This is mostly due to updating in batches after having some weird pinging and disconnection issues. We hope that after some 3 hours of heavy debugging (thanks Nick, DV), there should not be any more. If it still happens, please report to the nearest Admin.

With the updating, you will now see 'littering' evaporate along with Pokémon every 15 minutes, so I have taken the liberty of removing all signs of it in Agni! We have also modified our Dexranker plugin so on rankup, donators and staff do not lose their extra perms. Yaaaay

Other things will come along as we get near the weekend, including some fixes to offline bugs (I can now fix you guys even if offline, how cool is that), and especially, taking care in shifting around some warps and homes that might have been modified due to the update. If you had a home in a secondary world (read, the Mob World - Heill), please let an admin know of it. IDs were remapped, so we need to alter your data file manually. Painless operation, but it will need to be looked at by us. This does not mean you will lose anything, so don't sweat it!

This update, for you, means that we are much closer to getting a town-feature addon to GP, along with clans. Along with it, GTS will soon be up with newer changes (including minimum pricing, trading features, and fixed auctions). 

Other late changes include making the gyms slightly easier by removing the IVs (now Pokémon have 20 in all stats), and some over-evolved Pokémon in Agni's Fire gym. More to come regarding that as well. DexRanker now has one-time redeeming kits, and I am still looking for suggestions regarding Ultra, Master and Dream kits. Some shop prices will also be lowered, so remember to report any weird pricing as well - some are non-intentional.

E x c i t i n g  right.

For the rest, stay tuned. We are quite close to announcing some big big news!

Our latest Legendary addition, Suicune, brings you players the newest sparkling addition of the Pixelmon sidemods, the Global Trading Station plugin, or GTS for short. Basically, GTS allows you to trade, auction and sell Pokémon that you display in a fancy GUI. Use the command /gts to access said display, or /gts add to put a Pokémon up for sale. Thanks Nick. Check other commands here.

Though we all know why read this... So find below the hint to unlocking Suicune.

Only once the terrifying spawn of hell was extinguished will the Trainer be ready to proceed. Where the plants grow and the hoof beats, is where one will find the Water Beast.